Talk to Me 1st Annual 5k Run/ Walk

Race Stats

  • Location: South Kansas City (Barstow School)
  • Length: 5k
  • Start time: 8am
  • End time: 10am
  • Date: 12-01-2019
  • Beneficiary: Talk 2 Me
  • Day of event Phone: 913-375-4900
  • Day of event contact: Elise DiCarlo
  • Race Director Name: Elise DiCarlo
  • Race Director
  • No. of Participants: 300
  • Race Website:
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

Coming Soon

About This Race

This is a race to benefit Talk 2 Me - A Program of Hope.
Our Mission Statement : A Program of Hope Empowering Peers to Connect, Heal, and Thrive.
We are hosting our first Annual 5K Run/Walk to raise awareness and funding of our suicide prevention program. Our program will teach about mental illness. It will include personal testimony of those that are thriving after major depression. We will introduce a system of accountability for other students where community service hours can be earned. We will provide cards for students to list safe people to call in times of need. These will be kept with them at all times as well as Crisis line numbers and crisis text numbers. Peers will learn how to reach out to other students on a simple 1-10 rating scale of feelings. Our goal is that each and every young person that is hurting will receive the help they need and thrive.