Pilgrim Run 5k

Race Stats

  • Location: Hyde Park
  • Length: 5k
  • Start time: 9am
  • End time: 12pm
  • Date: 11-28-2019
  • Beneficiary: PIlgrim Center
  • Day of event Phone: 816-588-0510
  • Day of event contact: Amelia McDaniel
  • Race Director Name: Amelia McDaniel
  • Race Director Email:amelia@pilgrimcenterinc.org
  • No. of Participants: 1200
  • Race Website: www.pilgrimrun.org
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

Approved Route: Start Gillham Road/E 38th Street; S on Gillham across E 39th Street; turn around at Holmes; N on Gillham Rd; veer right/NE cross 39th Street onto Harrison Parkway; continue NE on Harrison Parkway to E 36th Street; turn left/W on E 36th Street to Janssen Pl; left/S on Janssen Pl follow Janssen Pl u-turn back N to E 36th Street; left/W on E 36th Street to Gillham Road; left/S on Gillham Road; End Gillham Road/E 38th Street

About This Race

Jump start your Thanksgiving morning with a fun 5K walk or run through historic Hyde Park in midtown Kansas City! Children 8 and under can race our 100 or 200 yard Cornerstones of Care Children's Dash. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Community Programs of the Pilgrim Center.