Hopkins Skip and Run 5k

Race Stats

  • Location: Rockhurst University
  • Length: 5k
  • Start time: 10am
  • End time: 11:30am
  • Date: 09-30-2017
  • Beneficiary: Nelson E Hopkins Scholarship Fund
  • Day of event Phone: 816-536-5713
  • Day of event contact: Sarah Lanning
  • Race Director Name: Adam Pundmann
  • Race Director Email:pundmanna@hawks.rockhurst.edu
  • No. of Participants: 275
  • Race Website:
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

Start at the Bell Tower on the Rockhurst University campus and head N on Rockhurst Road. Continue N through the Troost Intersection on 54th Street. Follow 54th and turn W on the Brookside Trail. Turn S on 56th street. Turn E on Holmes street. Turn S on 54th Street. Turn E on Paseo and Continue to 52nd Street. Turn N on 52nd Street. Turn W onto Tracy Avenue through campus. Turn N on 54th Street. Turn E onto Rockhurst Road and finish at the start line at the Bell Tower

About This Race

The 8th annual Hopkins Hop Skip and Run 5k is an even put on by Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Sigma Alpha at Rockhurst University. Our mission is to raise money for the Nelson E. Hopkins Scholarship Fund, which supports students of Alta Vista High School that hope to go on to college. This race has been a tradition at Rockhurst and honors the life of Nelson E Hopkins, a student from Alta Vista, who was shot down outside of the Rockhurst campus with a college application in hand in 2007