Hopkins Skip and Run 5k

Race Stats

  • Location: Rockhurst
  • Length: 5k
  • Start time: 9am
  • End time: 12pm
  • Date: 09-22-2018
  • Beneficiary: alta Vista High School
  • Day of event Phone: 3166415523
  • Day of event contact: Carmen Macias
  • Race Director Name: Kyle Schultes
  • Race Director Email: schulteskj@hawks.rockhurst.edu
  • No. of Participants: 450
  • Race Website: hopkinsrace.com
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

Start on Forest Avenue in the middle of Rockhurst University campus (right outside Van Ackeren Hall). Turn left on 54th Street and head east. Turn left onto Tracy and run between soccer field and back of Massman Hall. Turn right onto 52nd Street (Rockhurst Road). Turn right onto Paseo and head south. Turn right onto 54th Street and head west. Cross Troost Ave. and continue on 54th Street. Turn left on sidewalk path along Brookside Blvd. (NOT the street) and head south. Turn left on 56th Street and head east. Turn left on Holmes and head north. Turn right on 54th Street and head east. Cross Troost for a second time. Turn left on Forest Avenue and head to finish line (start and finish line are exactly the same).

About This Race

Hopkins Skip & Run 5k is a race put on to remember Nelson Hopkins who was a victim of gun violence. This event raises money for a scholarship for deserving students at Nelson's high school.