Go Girl Run

Race Stats

  • Location: Westport
  • Length: 13.1, 5k
  • Start time: 7am
  • End time: 11am
  • Date: 08-25-2019
  • Beneficiary: HCA Overland Park Regional Medical Center
  • Day of event Phone: 573-881-0471
  • Day of event contact: Amanda Archer
  • Race Director Name: Amanda Archer
  • Race Director Email:amanda@ultramaxsports.com
  • No. of Participants: 2000
  • Race Website: http://www.gogirlrun.com
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

Head north on Pennsylvania, west on W 40th St, north on Waddell Ave, East on W 39th Terrace, north on Pennsylvania Ave, west on 38th street, north on Jefferson St, east on W 31st St, north on Pennsylvania Ave, east on Penn Dr, east on W 27th St, south on the park sidewalk adjacent to Broadway Blvd, south on Penn, north into the Penn Valley off leash dog park, north on Kessel Road, east into Memorial Park and around, back onto south Liberty Memorial Mall, south on Wyandotte, east on W 31st St, north on Grand Ave, west on E 28 Terrace, north on Warwick, right into park loop, north on Warwick, north on Grand Blvd, east on E 27th St, south on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, continue south on Paseo, west on Brush Creek Blvd, right onto trail after Harrison St, loop through the trail, south on Rockhill Terrace, west on E 45th, north on Holmes St, west on E 46th, south on Rockhill Rd, west onto trail, connecting to Oak St, north on Oak st, west on 43rd St, north on Warwick Blvd, west on E 41st St, north on Walnut, west on E 40th St, west on Westport Rd, right onto Pennsylvania Ave back to finish.

About This Race

The Go Girl Run is an all women's half marathon and 5K coming to Westport on Sunday, August 25th. Established in 2012 by it's parent company, Ultramax Sports, this series has evolved into a community of health, fitness and strong women! This series has an expo the day before the event filled with vendors, sponsors and community partners that provide supplies for the participants to have a successful race day.