Broadway Bridge Run

Race Stats

  • Location: Kauffman Center Pavillion
  • Length: 13.1 and 10k
  • Start time: 7am
  • End time: 12pm
  • Date: 09-24-2017
  • Beneficiary: Special Olympics Missouri
  • Day of event Phone: 816-694-0586
  • Day of event contact: Adam Wright
  • Race Director Name: Adam Wright
  • Race Director
  • No. of Participants: 2000
  • Race Website:
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

2017 Broadway Bridge ½ Marathon Route Turn-by-Turn
• Half Marathon
Begin at 16th Street and Wyandotte, northbound on Wyandotte to 6th street, westbound on 6th Street to Broadway, northbound on Broadway to the Broadway Bridge, northbound across the bridge to the Richards Road/Downtown Airport exit, down the exit ramp and right around the roundabout to Richards Road, northbound on Richards Road curving westbound then southbound on Lou Holland Drive, southbound on Lou Holland Drive then curving eastbound then northbound to the entrance to the southbound side of the Broadway Bridge, southbound across the bridge turning into Broadway Boulevard to 7th Street, westbound on 7th Street to Pennsylvania, southbound on Pennsylvania to 14th Street, westbound on 14th Street to Summit, southbound on Summit to 25th Street, eastbound on 25th Street to Jefferson, southbound on Jefferson to 26th Street, eastbound on 26th Street to Penn Valley Drive, southbound on Penn Valley Drive to 27th Street, westbound on 27th Street to Penn Drive, southbound on Penn Drive to Pennsylvania, southbound on Pennsylvania to 31st Street, eastbound on 31st Street to Paseo Boulevard, northbound on Paseo Boulevard to 27th Street, westbound on 27th Street to Gillham Road, northbound on Gillham Road turning into Pershing Road, westbound on Pershing Road (using the westbound lanes only) to West Pennway/Broadway, northbound on West Pennway/Broadway turning into Broadway, northbound on Broadway 16th Street, eastbound on 16th Street to the finish line.

2017 Broadway Bridge 10K Route Turn-by-Turn
• Start at 16th and Wyandotte
• North on Wyandotte to 6th St.
• West on 6th St. to Broadway Blvd.
• North on Broadway Blvd. to the Bridge
• North on the Bridge to Harlem/Airport Exit
• North around roundabout to Richards Road
• North on Richards Road to the parking lot of the main airport terminal
• Through the terminal parking lot back out onto Richards Road
• South on Richards Road to the Bridge
• South across the Bridge to Broadway
• West on 7th St. to Pennsylvania
• South on Pennsylvania to 14th St.
• West on 14th St. to Summit
• South on Summit to 25th St.
• East on 25th St. to West Pennway
• North on West Pennway turning into Broadway
• North on Broadway to 16th St.

About This Race

Consisting of 1/2 Marathon and 10k options the Broadway Bridge run is held in conjunction by KCPD and Special Olympics Missouri. All proceeds of this now 10th annual race go directly to improving the lives of more than 1800 Special Olympics athletes right here in the KCMO area.