Breathe Deep Kansas City

Race Stats

  • Location: Liberty Memorial
  • Length: 3k
  • Start time: 7am
  • End time: 10am
  • Date: 11-05-2017
  • Beneficiary: LUNGevity Foundation
  • Day of event Phone: 202-695-9115
  • Day of event contact: Heather Domabyl
  • Race Director Name: Heather Domabyl
  • Race Director
  • No. of Participants: 200
  • Race Website:
  • Link to Map:

Race Route

100% inside park

About This Race

This 5K walk and fun run is organized by a group of individuals who all have something in common—they either lost a loved one to lung cancer or are currently battling lung cancer themselves. Their mission is to provide hope and strength to others to not give up. They honor those heroes who have gone before and at the same time celebrate those who are winning their battle.