• Volunteer Instructions
  • Closed areas in Kansas City

    Due to saturation of race events in the areas, we have closed the following location to new routes.  If you have an existing route, you will be permitted to hold your event.  If there is an active construction project or other situation that arises, you may be asked to adjust your route.

    Closed areas:

    47th- Bannister, State Line to Holmes

    2nd St- Pershing, Broadway to Holmes


    ** This applies to existing events requesting a change in location.

  • I would like to begin to budget for my race, what changes will be made to the application fees?

    Permit Fees


    ___________<1000     1000-<5000     >5000

    <5k                        $300             $800         $1,300

    5k-6.1 Miles         $700            $1,200      $1,700

    10k-13 Miles        $1,300         $1,800      $2,300

    13.1- 26.1 Miles   $1,900         $2,400      $2,900

    26.2 or more        $3,000         $3,500      $4,000

  • Who shoud be listed as the rider on my insurance certificate

    City of Kansas City, MO

    414 E. 12th St.

    Kansas City, MO 64106

  • Can I mark the roads with arrows on my course?

    When marking courses only construction grade, water based paint may be used that will wash away with rain and wear from tires. The marking must be in the street and may not be on sidewalks, curbs or trails.

  • When can I start promoting my event?

    You may start promoting your race as soon as you have submitted your application and have your date approved by the Race Manager.

  • When can I expect to receive my permit?

    The official permit will be issued the week of your race once all departments have approved it.

  • Certificate of Insurance

    Required document.

    Download here.

  • Race Route Sign

    Download the approved race route sign to be placed along the route 3 days (no longer) before event date with signs place approximately every 500 feet and at intersections. Signs must be picked up within 4 hours of event end time.

    Enter your race name in the field in the bottom right corner.  Sign size is 24″x16″ and must be printed double-sided.

    Route signage template – 2015

  • Charitable Organization Beneficiary

    Include the name of the charitable organization (501c3) or recognized variant) that will receive a donation directly from the event and/or if the participants are required to raise money for the charity.


  • Starting/Ending Time

    Include the Start time of road closure as well as the Start time of the race. Include the End time of the race as well as the End Time of Road closure. Almost all road closures are “rolling” closures but, occasionally, event setups require additional time for setup/teardown. We need to know these time requirements.


  • Race Director

    The person in charge of the race. There are many many people required to make a race successful, but the Race Director is the person that holds the permit, is responsible for fulfilling all requirements, and will be the person to whom we will forward community complaints for response. It is imperative that the Race Director listed on the application is prepared for this responsibility, failure to do so could result in a fine and may impact future permits. Let us know if the Race Director is only responsible for the day of the event and the Sponsor Organization contact is responsible for fulfilling the permit requirements.


  • Sponsor Organization

    The Owner of the event.


  • I have a comment or a complaint about a race that is happening or happened this weekend. What do I do and what can I expect?

    You can call 3-1-1 with all nonemergency comments or questions.  Your information will then be passed along to the race director who will contact you within 24 hours and resolve the situation.  If you have an emergency question, each race will provide a day of event contact number.  Please note that the people answering your call are charged with keeping everyone safe and controlled, so please make sure it’s a true emergency!  If you are in need of medical or police assistance, call 911.


  • I just received notification that there is going to be a race in my neighborhood, does that mean I won’t be able to leave my house until it’s over?

    No, Police and volunteers are given maps to help you effectively get out of your neighborhood.  They will also let you cross the course when they deem it safe for the runners.  Please be patient, they are working hard to make sure everyone is safe!


  • What is the day of event contact?

    You must provide a contact for the day of the event so members of the public may contact someone live during your event so you can resolve any issues in a timely manner. You should post this information on your event website in an easy to find location. We will post this information on this site under your race detail page.

    • An example of this is a prepaid cell phone provided to someone on your staff tasked with handling any community questions.

  • What happens if businesses or residents have a question or complaint about my race?

    From time to time, questions and/or complaints are submitted by residents and businesses to the City’s 311 system. Our goal is to support open communication and to reinforce the benefits of races while being sensitive to the needs of our neighbors. You are required to respond to any inquiry/complaints in a timely manner. We will facilitate by connecting parties together and by following up and logging in the City’s 311 system the action/resolution taken by the Sponsor Organization or Race Director.


  • I got my Permit! What do I do with it?

    The actual permit for the race should be in the possession of the applicant or a representative of the applicant during the race and shall be presented, on request, to any officer of the Police or Parks department or City Official at any time prior to or during the race.


  • I have determined the route I would like to submit, what is required?

    Along with the turn by turn street name list (the route) and the route map, you must confirm that the route submitted has been physically travelled in person before submittal with this application. As your event date approaches, it is your responsibility to inspect your route for any unforeseen issues (i.e. road work, etc.). You are required to contact the KC Race Manager for approval if your route changes, for any reason, prior to your race.


  • What is the application fee?

    The application fee is based on a sliding scale with the lowest fee available to those Sponsor Organizations and Race Directors who submit their application by the 90 day deadline. Date will be based on mail post-mark and/or online submission date. Your fee  is refundable if the permit is not issued. Fee is non-refundable if your race is cancelled.  Fees are as follows:

    • 90 days & over – $100

    • 60-89 days – $150

    • 30-59 days – $200

    • Below 30 days – $300.  You must contact KC Race Manager at Evenergy before submitting your application.  There are no guarantees your application will be accepted if submitted less than 30 days prior to your race.

  • Flyer – What do I need to provide to the Police and volunteers for the day of the race?

    In order to facilitate consistent and clear communication to the people impacted by your race, we need you to provide your volunteers and police officers positioned at intersections with a flyer outlining event information including:  name of race, organization name, charity benefiting (if any), start/end time, expected road close/open times along route (at our discretion), route map, cross-overs and alternate routes


  • Do I need to notify the media about my race?

    For events with participation under 1000, there will be no required proof of publication.  For events with participation 1000 and over, the requirements are as follows:   Not less than ten (10) days prior to the proposed race date, the Applicant/Sponsor Organization shall submit a certified statement of publication from any one of the following media channels:  1) Kansas City Star, 2) kansascity.com or 3) pitch.com.  Notice shall include: 1) name of event: 2) name of Sponsor Organization, mailing address, telephone number and event URL: 3) date of event: 4) starting and ending times,5) detailed route description and 6) alternate routes.


  • Am I required to put signs on my route?

    For all events with a distance over 5k and/or more than 2000 participants, you must place approved signage along the route 3 days (no longer) before event date with signs placed approximately every 500 feet and at intersections. Signs must be picked up within 4 hours of event end time. Sign size and design must follow the KC Parks approved signage template located in the FAQs/Resources section.


  • What is a Proof of Cleanup agreement?

    Submit with the application a statement on Sponsor Organization letterhead attesting to the manner in which cleanup along the entire route will be accomplished and by whom (also acceptable is an executed copy of your cleanup agreement with a third party). Applicant and Sponsor Organization ensure that the route and park areas are left in as good as or better condition as it was prior to event. This includes litter, trash, turf conditions, etc. If damages occur and/or trash is left behind, Applicant will be billed damages/clean-up. Completion of cleanup is expected within 4 hours of end of race. Failure to properly cleanup will jeopardize future permit privileges. At our discretion, we may require a cleanup deposit as a condition of application review.


  • What are the Insurance Requirements?

    You must carry a certain level of general liability insurance and provide us with a certificate of insurance in order for us to consider approval of your permit request. Specific directions and parameters are listed in the Insurance Document under FAQs/Resources section.


  • I have submitted my application, where does it go?

    After you submit your application, we will contact the affected city departments to get approval from them.  This will help us to find out about possible issues with the route such as construction projects.


  • Why do I need to notify businesses 30 days in advance?

    30 days allows business owners time to understand the impact of the race on their business.  For example, if a restaurant is going to anticipate a delay in traffic, they can let their patrons know that they need to plan accordingly. Alternatively, if a business has a conflicting event, it gives them time to request a route change so you (and we) aren’t scrambling at the last minute for final route approval in order to receive your permit. Conversely, having participants in the area may increase traffic to the business. Advance notice allows time for the businesses to react accordingly.


  • Why is the application fee lower 90 days before the race?

    There are a lot of factors that go into evaluating your race application. The more time we have the more efficient and effective we’ll be in our evaluation and communication process. Your route has to be tentatively approved and then distributed to all of the relevant city departments for their review. After your route is approved, Kansas City PD has to develop a traffic plan and schedule Off-Duty officers to staff your race. Finally, you need to begin gathering notification addresses to notify businesses and residents 30 days in advance and get your signs printed.


  • How do I hire Off Duty Police Officers for course support?

    After you have your date, contact Officer Kevin Gooch at Kevin.Gooch@kcpd.org with the Kansas City, MO Police Department for a traffic plan and secure Police presence for your event.  **NOTE- if police are not present, you may not hold your event on city streets or block traffic in any way. Doing so can result in fines or arrest of all people blocking roadways.


  • Who plans the routes for races in Kansas City?

    The event race director or organizer plans the route! We can provide feedback, but it is the sole responsibility of the coordinators of the event to make the final decision on the route to be submitted and to make adjustments if necessary. Remember you need to resubmit any route changes to the KC Race Manager.

  • How do you evaluate my requested route and date?

    We evaluate the route and date against all other races submitted and planned along with consideration of other events going on in the City. We must balance your request against the impact on residents and businesses. If the neighborhood has been impacted too many times that month or year, you will be asked to change your date or your route. This is also conditioned upon the availability of the park if you plan to utilize one.

  • How do I secure a City Park for my start and/or finish and/or route?

    You must contact KC Parks to determine park availability and to fill out a separate application. Contact Shannon Dooley at Shannon.dooley@parks.org to see if your date is available and to receive an application.

  • Why do I have to get a Park Permit for using a Boulevard or Parkway, isn’t it just another road?

    KC Parks maintains and beautifies the Boulevards and Parkways at great expense to ensure that your participants want to run your race because of the beautiful route!

  • Do I need a Park Permit as well as a Race Permit?

    You also need a park permit if:

    • Your Start or Finish line is in a park, or on a Boulevard or Parkway
    • Your route includes a Boulevard or Parkway
  • I would like to hold a race. What do I do first?

    You need to decide on the race date, route and who will manage the race and be responsible for the permit application process. Review the General Requirements & Conditions and follow the application directions on this site and you should be fine.