Updated last: 02/04/14

We will send your application to the following agencies for review and comment regarding the impact of your proposed event on facilities, equipment and personnel under their jurisdiction: Police Department (Kevin Gooch, phone: 816-329-0911, fax: 482-8172, email: kevin.gooch@kcpd.org), Area Transportation Authority (Tommy Hill, phone: 816-668-1469  fax: 816-346-0305), Parks & Recreation Department (Shannon Dooley, phone:513-7675 fax: 513-7715), Convention & Entertainment Centers Department (Katie Vaughan, phone: 513-5253 fax: 513-5002) and Downtown Council of Kansas City (Mark Rowlands, phone: 816-421-1539 fax: 816-421-1661), as well as to other agencies which may be affected, such as: Missouri Department of Transportation (Vernon Koch, phone: 816-607-2190 fax:816-622-0440). Crown Center (phone: 816-391-4407fax: 274-8937), and JC Nichols Plaza/ Highwood Properties (Jan Cichello, phone: 816-960-6234, fax: 960-6284, email: jan.cichello@highwoods.com) Power & Light (Alex Fritz 816-842-1045), River Market (Deb Churchill 816-842-1271), Sprint Center (Michael Chalfie 816-949-7150).